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Monday, April 19th, 2010

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Created for Intel, view is an exploration of the future of mobile data storage. The range is intended to create new unique selling points for the market. 

The first product in the range is a USB stick with a forecast of 2-3 years. The USB contains two ‘virtual’ halves. One for home files, one for work files. A tactile interaction for switching between these halves is maintained through turning the base cap.

The second product in the collection is a hard drive with a forecast of 4-5 years that allows the visualisation of capacity information on the move with or without a computer. 

The final product in the range is a remote server with a forecast of 10-15 years. The server projects a screen onto any surface allowing for a much larger point of interaction whilst acting as a ‘window’ to all the users files stored on a server such as ‘Google cloud’.

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