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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

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Element Radio Interface


Working closely with the digital team at the BBC, particle created a visual language and information architecture for Element Radio, a product designed to explore the future of digital and internet radio.

With close attention to the BBC visual guide-lines, the interface aims to create a familiarity to iPlayer, whilst retaining an identity of itself.

The interface is designed to evolve and change to the different media required, whether that be music broadcast or live sports. When a song is played the interface changes to a visual language of that artist, whilst offering links to information.

The Element radio button can be pressed when the user wants more information. That information is ‘packaged up’ and sent to the users computer, where they can access later.

To present the interface to the BBC, a booklet was created, illustrating the visual language and the different screens used, along with user journeys, information architecture, and wireframes.

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